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Candidate Visibility in Summer

Many candidates seem to disappear in the summer. Maybe they needed a break after the June primaries. Maybe they are just not engaged.

I have been very busy, all summer! After visiting with neighbors exiting the primary polls on June 13, thanking them for exercising their voting right and reminding them I am already on their November ballot, I found quite a bit more to do.

Primary Day = Voter Awareness Day for Terry Hurst for Delegate

What an invigorating day meeting the voters at the polls Tuesday and sharing the choice of Liberty in the 89th District for Norfolk. Thank you so much to our dedicated volunteers who put in the hours helping me share the vision of credible, competent, and honest leadership in the House of Delegates with our neighbors in Norfolk, and reminding them I am already on their November ballot.

April 22, 2017 Update - Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Today we traveled to join several neighborhoods to participate in their Community Clean Up Days. We started the day with Roland Park, where their civic league President Carol Riggs and many engaged neighbors worked on the park while we worked on crapemyrtle 'suckers'. Thanks to City of Norfolk Forester Michael Nentwich for the lesson on a skill that will have me traveling to several neighborhoods to help out on the 40,000+ trees needing some TLC.

Terry Hurst Accepts Libertarian Nomination for 89th District House of Delegates

Terry Hurst accepted the Libertarian Nomination for 89th District of the Virginia House of Delegates in Norfolk on Saturday April 15, 2017. Hurst declared his candidacy and filed his Statement of Organization with the State Board of Elections in December 2016.

“History will now show that 2017 was the year Norfolk raised up a candidate to restore faith and integrity in its politicians,” said Hurst. “One with the experience, temperament and pragmatic vision to succeed in our state legislature.”

March 7th Update - Flooding and Sea Level Rise: Getting Engaged in the Issue

Today I traveled to Virginia Beach to participate in a forum addressing impacts and planning for recurring and increased flooding in the region. The event, titled "Resilience: Imperative Initiatives Taking Shape in Hampton Roads" was hosted by Inside Business and moderated by WHRV 89.5's Cathy Lewis. Panel speakers were very informative, and included Christine Morris (Chief Resilience Officer, City of Norfolk), Rick Weddle (President & CEO of Hampton Roads Economic Development Alliance) and Paul Olsen (Director of Programs and Partnerships, Old Dominion University).